Don’t Get Burned; Safety Tips from the Park Forest Fire Department

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)— It is Fire Prevention Week and this year’s theme reminds us to use caution and “Stay Fire Smart! – Don’t Get Burned.”

Testing the water before putting a child in the bath may sound like common sense. Wearing short or close-fitting sleeves when cooking on the stovetop may show foresight; but this and other simple actions may be all it takes to prevent devastating burns.

Hot water can burn as badly as fire. Scald burns can cause disfigurement and even death. The major cause of scalds in homes is due to the water heater being set too high. Test your water temperature with a meat thermometer. If the temperature is over 120 degrees, turn your water heater down.

Bathtub Safety

  • Check bathwater for children with your elbow; it is more sensitive to temperature change.
  • NEVER leave a child alone in a bathtub or sink.
  • Place small children in the tub facing away from the faucet.
  • Teach children to turn on the cold water first when using faucets.

Cook With Care

  • Keep a close watch on cooking operations.
  • Never put water on a grease fire as it can spread the flames or cause burn injuries.
  • Never carry a burning pan; you could easily spread the fire causing serious damage and devastating burn injuries.
  • Wear short or tight-fitting sleeves when cooking so clothing doesn’t get near the heat surface and catch fire.
  • Turn handles inward when cooking so pots and pans won’t be pulled or knocked off the stove.
  • If you have to leave the kitchen to answer the phone or the door, turn down the heat. If you’ll be gone more than a minute or two, turn off the heat.

Heating Safety
As weather begins to get cooler, furnaces go on and space heaters come out of their summer hiding places. Be prepared for heating season.

  • Have a qualified technician inspect and service your furnace.
  • A thorough cleaning, burner test and tune-up will not only keep you and your family warm, but it may save money in fuel costs.
  • Space heaters need space. Leave at least 3 feet of space between your heater and combustible items.
  • Unplug units when not in use, before going to bed and when you leave the house.
  • Place heaters in areas where they will not be knocked over by children or pets and only use heaters that shut off automatically if tipped over.

Source: Park Forest Fire Department