District 162 Crowns Math Olympians

Matteson, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Matteson Elementary School District 162 recently conducted Math Olympics, which featured 70 students from first through eighth grades in the District’s schools. The schools include Arcadia, Matteson, Indiana, Sauk, Illinois and Huth Middle School.

 The math event required the students to take a mental math test without the aid of scratch paper or a calculator and a written problem solving exam. 

“The students involved in the Math Olympics are among our schools’ top math students,” said Amanda Godin, coordinator of the Olympics and gifted teacher at Indiana School. “They have worked with coaches at their home schools for most of the school year in preparation for this competition. We congratulate all of the participants for their hard work.”

Sixth grade Indiana School student Ramon Cross Hurd was the highest scorer among all the grades in the Math Olympics. The top three winners at each grade level include:

1st Grade

3rd Place: Alexis Byas – Arcadia
2nd Place: Andrew Mitchell – Arcadia
1st Place: Fauzia Johnson – Arcadia

2nd Grade

3rd Place: Nicholas Haywood – Arcadia
2nd Place: Madison Jones – Arcadia
1st Place: Leon Dubose – Arcadia

3rd Grade

3rd Place: Timothy Tabor – Matteson
2nd Place: Blaze Atwood – Illinois
1st  Place: Daniel Williams – Matteson

4th Grade

3rd Place: Tai Jackson – Sauk
2nd Place: Tyneesha Haskins – Sauk
1st Place: Donovan McIntyre – Illinois

5th  Grade

3rd Place: Ariel Davis – Indiana
2nd Place: Micah Drigo – Illinois
1st Place: Kennedy Jones – Indiana

6th  Grade

3rd Place: Ameer Kellogg – Indiana
2nd Place: Keita Allen – Illinois
1st Place: Ramon Cross Hurd – Indiana

7th Grade

3rd Place: Ugochi Ndukwe – Huth
2nd Place: Michaela Welch – Huth
1st Place:  Dejah Pate – Huth

8th Grade

3rd Place:  Joshua Randle El – Huth
2nd Place: Sara Whitson – Huth
1st Place: Jasmin Bovia – Huth