Deer Crossing on Orchard Drive

Deer in Park Forest

Could this be the culprit? Spotted in the Co-ops west of Western Avenue last weekend. (Photo: Rosemary Piser)

Be careful driving down Orchard Drive.  Watch for deer crossing the road in broad daylight.

For the second time in a week, I have seen a big doe walk across the street between the fire training facility and the bridge near the Wetlands.  It is the third time I have seen her in 6 months at the same location, just north of the Aqua Center parking lot.  Be watchful, especially if coming from the North, since you don’t have as much warning coming down the hill.  People walking in the area should be cautious, too, since she has crossed pretty close to me while I have been on foot there.  She has been out in the mid-morning and the middle of the day, which is unusual, but she seems healthy.