College Students Can Save Up to 76% on Textbooks

La Canada, CA (PRWEB) July 17, 2008 — College students can save up to 76% on their textbooks by shopping online now for their fall books according to Steve Loyola, president and founder of Best Book Buys, a leading online comparison shopping service for books (http://www.bestbookbuys.com/) and a service of Best Web Buys (http://www.bestwebbuys.com/). Best Book Buys also reported today that more than 3 million books and textbooks have been purchased through Best Book Buys since 1997 with an average savings potential of 47% over list price for used books, 76% for international editions and 19% for new books.

"The best textbook deals are on used and international editions and the best time to look for them is when their inventory is at the highest level, which is now — about a month before the start of most colleges," said Loyola. "By getting a jump now on the crunch of students who will be looking in mid to late August, students can expect to receive dramatic savings on used and international textbooks compared to the price of new textbooks."

With consumer confidence at a 28-year low and with many families financially strapped due to the sharp increases in gasoline and consumer goods, students need ways to reduce college costs for the 2008/2009 school year. According to the College Board’s recent reports Trends in College Pricing 2007 and Trends in Student Aid 2007, costs for tuition and fees at four year public colleges are up 51 percent from 5 years ago. Students spend on average about $900 on textbooks annually, representing 17.5% of tuition and fees at four year public colleges and 8% at private institutions.

Loyola explained, "The key is not to procrastinate. Students just need to be organized. If you already know your classes for the fall, all you need to do is research the books you will need. You can check your classes online to see if the syllabus is available or simply drop your instructor an email asking for the book list."

Price Comparisons Demonstrate Dramatic Savings on Used and International Editions

A search for three college textbooks titled Marketing Management (http://www.bestwebbuys.com/0130336297) (ISBN 0130336297), Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (http://www.bestwebbuys.com/0321305043) (ISBN 0321305043), and Management Information Systems: Managing the Digital Firm (http://www.bestwebbuys.com/0131538411) (ISBN 0131538411) illustrate the savings that Best Book Buys offers. These three books have a combined list price of $427.13. A search today at Best Book Buys finds these same books selling for $331.20 new, $40.77 for used, and $33.18 for international editions. This amounts to a savings of 22% (new), 90% (used), and 92% (international) off the list price.

About Best Web Buys

Best Web Buys(tm) first made a name for itself eleven years ago with the launch of one of the first online price comparison sites — Best Book Buys(R). Best Book Buys has been helping college students from more than 1500 colleges across the nation find the best prices for their new and used textbooks since 1997. Best Web Buys’ five product specific sites — Best Book Buys, Best Music Buys, Best Video Buys, Best Bike Buys and Best Electronic Buys — compare prices, shipping and availability of more than six million titles and items at hundreds of online stores and thousands of Alibris, eBay, half.com and Amazon marketplace sellers. Steve Loyola, a former Jet Propulsion Laboratory computer scientist, founded the company.

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