Children of Park Forest

My husband and I moved to Park Forest over 17 years ago.  We didn’t know much about the area, but as first time home buyers the price of the home was within our budget.  Our street was well cared for and the neighbors all seem to be hard working friendly people.

Our son (now 22) started attending kindergarten at Arcadia School.  Our daughter (now 18) followed four years later.  They both attended the 162 school district; Arcadia, Illinois, Indiana, Huth and then our son graduated from Rich East.

Throughout those years we became very active in the school and our community.  My husband (Mike) also became involved and participated mainly in the boy scouts.  Here is some of the volunteer work we did.

Starting in 1992 – Tutor at Arcadia, raised money for books/Arcadia, help to implement the bus buddy program, volunteered for registration at Arcadia and Huth, chaperon for several field trips, Fun Fair coordinator at Indiana/most money raised that year to date, seamstress for two school plays at Indiana/made 90% of the costumes,  volunteer with D.A.R.E.  and red ribbon events.  Donated used costumes to women and children shelter for Holloween.

Community Relations for Park Forest Baseball/coordinator for collection drive that raised money for safety fences for our parks.  Treasure for Boy Scouts, committee for Veteran’s Day celebration, organized and volunteered with care package for our military, Mike was an assistant Den learder for the boy scouts.  Girl Scouts, soccer the list goes on and on.

Now we have our daughter getting ready to graduate from Marian Catholic, we are faced with several issues.  As with most parents with children going to college we are worried about tuition cost and helping our child attend the school that she will benefit from the most.  The school that has her major and minor, the school that offers study/work progams, the school that is out of state.

We never expected payment of any kind for the work we did, but now that we are faced with tuition cost for an out of state school we are searching every avenue.  Unfortunately there is none to be found in our own community.  There is nothing, state representative will only help if you attend state schools.

The children of Park Forest are the future, let them go experience, work and accomplish what ever they want, where ever they want with out restrictions or penalty for going out side the state.

Just venting……………….