Burglary Twarted by Alert Park Forest Resident

Park Forest, IL – (ENEWSPF) – A burglary was thwarted late Saturday afternoon by an alert Park Forest resident in the 300 block of Sioux St.  The resident reported to eNews Park Forest Sunday that she observed an unfamiliar man park his car in front of her house and go to the neighbor’s front door.  The man knocked on the neighbor’s door, and after receiving no response, came to her door opened up her screen door, and knocked very loudly, twice in succession. “I didn’t see him return to his car, so I immediately went to my back door to watch and see if he was coming to that door,” she reported. 

“When I saw him turn around the rear of my house, I immediately called 9-1-1.” The resident continued, “He came inside my attached garage to my back door, and was there for a few minutes and left.  I then provided the police with a description of his vehicle, a license plate number, and him, while he was still inside my garage.” The man then turned around, left, and proceeded to his vehicle to leave. 

He was immediately apprehended within 10 minutes by the police.  The resident reports that the she later found out the man confessed to police that he was going to burglarize the residence, but stopped when he heard the resident's appliances running in the utility room.

The resident said police told her burglary tools were found in his vehicle.  The resident reports she was told that he confessed to other burglaries in Cook County and in Will County, and other charges may be pending.

The resident reports that there was apparently no intention to do anyone harm since the perpetrator left her back door and garage when it appeared that the residence was occupied.

eNews Park Forest will update this story after the release of the official police report.