Battery and Gunfire Reported on Hemlock

Park Forest, IL–(ENEWSPF)– Two men were arrested in the "H" courts off Hemlock last week after a report of battery and shots fired. The area is near the infamous Court H-6.

Police were dispatched on Saturday, August 2, to investigate a report of shots fired in the area of Court H-6 off Hemlock St. While en route, dispatchers informed the officers that a victim of battery was in the area of Court H-11. Police located the victim and he related that the shots had come from north of him in Court H-10.

Officers responded to Court H-10 and heard screaming coming from inside one of the residences. They approached the residence and observed that the large two pane picture window had been shattered. The officers observed male black subjects inside the residence who came to the door when the officers knocked. The first subject identified himself as the lease holder of the residence. The second subject identified himself as Stephen Anderson, 19, 15219 Honore Ave., Harvey.

According to police, Stephen had blood coming from his mouth and he was breathing heavily. He told police that he had just been "jumped" in front of the residence by an unknown person. Paramedics were summoned to the scene and they provided initial treatment for Stephen’s mouth injury.

Officers were unable to locate any bullet holes inside the residence, nor were they able to locate any shell casings near the picture window.

Police questioned the battery victim who had called dispatchers. He related that he was visiting friends at a residence in the first block of Hemlock when he was suddenly lifted off the ground from behind, thrown to the ground and punched in the forehead. He said he got up off the ground, ran to another court, and called police. While on the phone with SouthCom, he heard 10 gunshots coming from the area of Court H-10. He described his alleged attacker to police.


Police were then informed by a records clerk that a witness/victim had come to the police department. Officer Greer responded and spoke with the victim, who related observing a gunman shooting in Court H-10 and ran all the way to the police department out of fear. The witness said the gunmen threatened to kill her and then shot at subjects in Court H-6. The witness was able to provide police with the location of the shooting, and Commander Tas recovered six .40 caliber shell casings in that area.

A witness told police she observed a man later identified as Demetric D. Johnson, 23, 402 Firmwood, Macomb, Mississippi, pounding on the picture window of the residence in Court H-10, causing the window to break. Johnson was identified as the man who had allegedly attacked the victim who called SouthCom.

Johnson allegedly told police that he was sitting in front of a residence in the first block of Hemlock when someone told him that a man, who appeared to be gay, had touched him. According to police, he told them he confronted the man who had allegedly touched him and they began to fight.

Demetric Johnson was arrested and charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and criminal damage to property.

Meanwhile, detectives interviewed Stephen A. Anderson, 19, of 15219 Honore, Harvey. Anderson said that he came to Park Forest on August 2 to visit family members. He said he drove to Park Forest with a friend who brought his handgun with him in the trunk of his vehicle. He told police he wrapped the gun in blue jeans and took it inside of the residence with him. Anderson said while walking through the courts, he was approached by a large group of male subjects who were trying to start a fight with him. He said he ran back to the residence, grabbed the gun, ran downstairs and exited the residence through the kitchen door.

He said he ran a short distance outside, pointed the gun upward, and fired five to six shots into the air.

Anderson was arrested and charged with reckless discharge of a firearm.