Automatic Voter Registration Passes Illinois Senate: David Orr

David Orr Automatic Voter Registration
Cook County Clerk David Orr. (PHOTO SUPPLIED)

Chicago, IL-(ENEWSPF)- Cook County Clerk David Orr praised the Illinois Senate on passing Automatic Voter Registration legislation. The bill passed with bipartisan support.

The bill now heads for the Illinois House.

Clerk Orr’s statement follows:

I commend the Illinois Senate for passing Automatic Voter Registration, legislation which would secure and modernize our state’s voter rolls. The bill, SB1933, passed with bipartisan support and now goes to the Illinois House.

Streamlining the voter registration process benefits all Illinoisans, making it easier to vote and harder to cheat. Democrats, Republicans and Independents can all get behind this measure that saves local governments money and saves voters time by limiting unnecessary interactions with government bureaucracy.

I have always believed that government should leverage technology to keep voter rolls up-to-date, rather than put the burden on individuals to re-register each time they move, marry, or change their name. The current system is inefficient and inconvenient, and we have the tools to bring our voter rolls into the 21st century.

I urge the Illinois House to swiftly pass this legislation and call on the Governor to sign it into law.

Source: David Orr

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