Amara Enyia: New Vision in 7th Congressional District

CHICAGO–(ENEWSPF)–September 8, 2015. Envisioning stronger communities forged by better opportunities, greater investment in people, and strong, energetic leadership, Amara C. Enyia filed with the FEC today to establish an exploratory committee for the 7th District U.S. Congressional seat.

“Now is the time for bold, servant leadership that empowers the residents of the 7th District and drives an aggressive, transformative agenda that is global in scope with maximum local impact,’’ said Enyia, a community organizer, public policy consultant, and executive director of the Austin Chamber of Commerce on Chicago’s West Side. She said the exploratory committee is a chance to gauge whether residents of the 7th District are ready for a change in leadership.

“We have so many opportunities to implement new, dynamic initiatives and policies that leverage strengths in the 7th district. We can no longer settle for status-quo thinking. We need a strong, vibrant voice with progressive thinking and action now more than ever.’’

It will take the most innovative zeal and the freshest ideas to inspire people who were harmed the most by the recession and have benefited the least in the recovery.

Enyia’s platform calls for investment in the key sectors critical to the 21st century economy, including medicine and medical research, information technology, advanced manufacturing, and transportation/logistics, while making sure that residents of the 7th district have maximum opportunities for jobs in those sectors; criminal justice reform that ensures a progressive justice system fairer and more focused on rehabilitation and reintegration, while not leaving ex-offenders without opportunity to contribute to their communities; and robust education policies that ensure children have the best education and adults have access to job and career training.

As an economic development consultant and chamber of commerce leader, Enyia wants to empower residents and entrepreneurs to become robust leaders who create prosperity for themselves and those around them. A changing city and world, more dependent on emerging technologies, requires a new, fresh vision that starts now. It’s time to get in front of this change or be left out.

Enyia, a resident of Chicago’s Garfield Park neighborhood, holds a Ph.D in education policy and a law degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana.

Source: www.AmaraForCongress.com