Author: Craig Berry

R.I.P. Popeye’s

I see that Popeye’s has closed down. Look, one more fast-food restaurant more or less isn’t going to make or break a town. However, it seems businesses closing down has become a way of life in this once-vibrant community. Hey, I don’t know if this Popeye’s was well-run, poorly-run, or what,[Read More…]

An Angry “Victim”

                                       Hey, I’ve found something to blog about that really hits home. I went out this morning and found that someone broke into my car. These geniuses managed a haul of about $5.00 in change out of my car, but in their efforts to make their fortune they[Read More…]


Hi, everyone!  My name is Craig Berry and I’m just writing to say hello to everyone.  I’d really like to thank Mr. Kopycinski for allowing us the opportunity to post blogs on this site.  He may not like what I have to say sometimes- I’m guessing we agree on approximately,[Read More…]