Cicero Residents Demand Town President Larry Dominick Affirm 2008 Commitment and Sign Welcoming Cicero Ordinance

  • The Town of Cicero responded to the group and at the press conference. They claim that undocumented residents are “living in fear” in Cicero. That’s just not true. The fact is Cicero has more than 18,000 undocumented residents living in Cicero, the largest concentration of any community in Illinois or the Midwest. The reason that they come to Cicero is that Cicero IS a sanctuary city by resolution adopted in 2008 and they feel Safe there.

    Cicero police and Cicero officials at every level do not distinguish between documented resident or undocumented residents. It’s not a factor in anything we do.

    Why did the protestors only single out Cicero? The Latino groups that we work with inside Cicero — this group is based mainly in Chicago — believe that they have another agenda.

    The issue should be taken to the state level and applied to EVERY city and municipality, but that’s not their goal apparently. Their only goal, mostly as outsiders, is to attack Cicero and Cicero’s officials.

    town spokesman