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The New 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid

The 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid is a “smart, sophisticated car.” No detail has been left behind. (Photo: Car Talk By Jonathan Pitman A solar roof, parking assist, lane keep assist, dynamic radar cruise control and remote air conditioning, is what I call a smart car. It’s also what I[Read More…]


The New Nissan Cube 1.8 SL

The Nissan Cube. (Photo: Car Talk By Jonathan Pitman Something new and different is being introduced to the Nissan lineup. It is as interesting a selection as it is odd. The Nissan Cube has finally made its debut in the United States after only being sold in foreign countries[Read More…]

Summer and Fall at Prairie State College

Final 2023 Mayoral Forum with Joe Woods

Final Village Trustee Forum – March 19, 2023