Advertising and Media Kit

Bring Customers From The Virtual World To Your Front Door Today!

eNews Park Forest (ENEWSPF) is happy to announce these exciting new ad formats made available through our partnership with Broadstreet Ads. In addition to regular banner ads, which begin at $199 per month, we offer the following:

The Countdown

Countdown to a big event or end of a sale. Doesn’t require an image. Displays a customizable and human-readable countdown, such as “7 days, 3 hours, and 10 minutes,” which updates live before our readers’ eyes.

Expandable / Flyout (Beta)

This is an ad which, when hovered over, will expand outward and display a second image in either the top, right, left, or bottom direction. Responsive and mobile friendly. Currently in ‘beta’, but stable.

Scratch Off Ad

Just like a lottery scratch-off! Specify a front image that can be scratched and an optional back image that will display underneath the scratched area. You can also enter freeform text to be displayed instead. Beta, but stable.

The Listing / Table

Use for a house ad or for an advertiser: Easily list movie showtimes, restaurant menus, sports schedules, event schedules, etc. Very flexible and available for many uses.


A banner ad that, when hovered over, will “flip” to reveal its other side, which is a second banner ad. Impressive and fun. Note: Uses cutting edge browser features, so versions of Internet Explorer less than version 10 won’t work great.


Create a cutout-style coupon with an optional image to promote a sale or event. When your users click on it, they will be taken to a mobile-friendly page where they can print the page or keep it handy on their mobile device.

Advanced Coupon

Just like the standard coupon, but with more options. Create a cutout-style coupon with an optional image to promote a sale or event. When your users click on it, they will be taken to a mobile-friendly page where they can print the page or keep it handy on their mobile device.

YouTube™ Ad

Embed a YouTube™ video as an advertisement with an optional message below the embedded video. Set any width or height while being responsive and mobile friendly. It even tracks plays and views in a less-than-perfect but clever manner.

The Amazing 3D Cube / Gallery

This displays 6 images and captions of your choosing in a very slick rotating cube (on the latest browsers). Great for capturing attention, especially when it comes to food items. The cube will accept any photo sizes, but square works best if you don’t want any auto-cropping or sizing.

Click to Enlarge

A very simple format which displays an image and a “Click to Enlarge” call to action which will open the image in a new window. Useful for store flyers and circulars. These ads typically get click rates close to 1% depending on various factors.

Lazy Ad (Mock Up)

If you’re in a pinch and need a quick ad made, just upload a photo, enter some business details, and voilĂ , an ad.

Lazy / Featured Box Ribbon

Just supply a photo. Put a fancy ribbon on a standard ad and add text. It’s best to use this with a box ad greater than or equal to 300 pixels wide. Great for real estate and food specials.

Wallpaper (Full Background)

An ad that automatically inserts itself in the full background of the page, commonly known as a “takeover.” This offers a ridiculous level of branding and you should charge a lot of money for it. Specs: Each publication is different, and you’ll need a site that does not span the full width of the page. You’ll generally want to use a 2550×1440 jpg file. Tip: On a desktop, guestimate what % of width the main content well of your site is. If your main content area takes up about 3/5ths of the page at the browser’s full size, then you know the ad should have the majority of its graphics/branding outside of the middle 3/5ths of the wallpaper ad.


This is an ad which, when hovered, swaps out the original ad for a different ad for a hover-effect. If your advertiser has more information to convey than can fit in the original ad, this is the guys to use.

Before and After

This is your classic Before & After ad. All you really need is a before picture and after picture. You can optionally supply a logo and additional text. Useful for contractors, landscapers, dentists, and anyone else who benefits from pictures, which really tell the story and deliver impact. It’s a flexible ad format which can be in-story or sit in the sidebar.

Easy Ad Slideshow

Create a slideshow of up to 5 different ads with a configurable time delay in-between slides.

Top Ribbon

See ribbon across the top of the page with a message inside it? That one spot can be yours! Useful for announcements, special events. Very customizable.

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