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To the Editor: It’s Time for Parents to Be Parents

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Letters to the Editor. (Valeriana Solaris on Flickr)
To the Editor-(ENEWSPF)-

In today’s world, parenting has adjusted to “letting children express themselves.” When I grew up and practiced on my children, a parents job was to teach their children right from wrong, to obey their parents rules and teachings, show proper manners at all times, and treat others as you would like to be treated.

The remarks I get from adults today, regarding their children, is, and I quote: “You can’t make these kids do anything.” That remark encompasses actions that run the gamut, eating their food, doing their chores, acting out in public, yelling and hitting their parents, establishing their own rules, and running the parents lives …. behaving in general.

A parent’s job is more than just providing a roof over the child’s head and making sure they have food in their belly and clothes to wear.

When I was younger and raising my children, an older co-worker took me aside and said, “When children are young, you gain their respect. When they get older, you will gain their friendship.”

If more “parents” will get back to parenting, our children will in turn, grow up to the kind of adults that are not rebellious against rules and regulations, perhaps we could stop the spread of Coronavirus and some of the violence. (Follow the guidance from the CDC or WHO.)

Annie J. James
Park Forest