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Study: ADHD Patients Responsive To Cannabis Therapy

Study: ADHD Patients Responsive To Cannabis TherapyCologne, Germany–(ENEWSPF)–October 29, 2015.  The administration of herbal cannabis eases symptoms in adults suffering from ADHD (attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder), according to clinical trial data recently presented at the 7th European Workshop on Canabinoid Research.

German investigators evaluated cannabis’ effects in 30 patients suffering from treatment-resistant ADHD. By law, patients who are unresponsive to conventional medications may apply with the Health Ministry for a waiver to use medicinal cannabis.

Researchers reported that a majority of subjects experienced a mitigation in ADHD symptoms, including “improved concentration and sleep, and reduced impulsivity,” following cannabis therapy. Twenty-two of the 30 patients in the cohort elected to discontinue their use of pharmaceutical drugs during the study period, instead opting to solely use cannabis to treat their symptoms.

A previous case study similarly reported that the administration of synthetic THC “had a positive impact on performance, behavior and mental state” of a 28-year-old subject diagnosed with ADHD.

Attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder is a condition that is typically identified in children but may persist into adulthood.

An abstract of the presentation is available online at: