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Going Organic Most Important During Pregnancy

MAINE–(ENEWSPF)–Oct 5, 2011


My sister just had a baby; so did another friend’s wife. My best friend’s wife is due any minute out in Los Angeles. Precious anticipation leads to even more precious miracles.

And as parents all we can think of is protecting our children from anything and everything throughout their lives, from the instant they arrive and throughout their lifetimes.

A growing body of evidence suggests, however, that the protection needs to begin from the moment of conception. A slew of articles points to invasion of pesticides inside the womb as a primary assailant that can impact our children forever.

Here’s one from today:

One from August:

One from April:

Many of the articles talk about the food we eat. But exposures come from numerous sources, many of which we have difficulty controlling. One of the easiest to control?: The pesticides we apply to our lawns, landscapes and homes.

When the dangers of environmental exposures can so clearly impact our children inside the womb, we all need to do our part to give them the best chance to succeed.