More Than 7,000 Nuns to GOP: Your Attack on People’s Healthcare ‘Simply Immoral’


  1. It’s too bad the nuns have never heard of “Thou shalt not steal” or Thou shalt not covet” both of which occur in the wealth redistribution scheme called Obamacare, the scheme in which the insurance bills of some were transferred to those who purchase their own policies. I guess these particular nuns never heard of “Thou shalt not murder,” either, being that Obamacare mandates spending for prenatal infanticide. But I guess once you’ve crossed the line and are willing to take Other People’s Money in the name of compassion, all other morality is up for grabs, too.

    • That’s absurd. Obamacare, the ACA, is simply regulations on the health insurance industry, which, for some reason, operates for profit in the United States. The good sisters are trying to save lives. The Fifth Commandment is especially appropriate here. The Seventh and Ninth, Tenth are completely irrelevant here.

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