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11.3 Million Individuals Nationwide are Signed Up Through the Health Insurance Marketplaces

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–January 8, 2016.  According to a new report released yesterday, more than 11.3 million people are signed up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplaces in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. That includes 8.6 million people (76 percent) in the 38 states that use the platform through January 2, 2016 and 2.7 million people (24 percent) in the remaining 13 State-based Marketplaces through December 26, 2015.

Today’s report, for the first time, includes data for all 50 states and the District of Columbia for the third Open Enrollment period. It also includes demographic and state-level breakdowns. Open Enrollment ends January 31, 2016. For coverage starting on February 1, people must sign up by the January 15 deadline.

“We’re seeing unprecedented demand for Marketplace coverage with more than 11.3 million people signed up for coverage,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell. “We’re encouraged that Marketplace consumers are increasingly young, engaged and shopping for the best plan. We have more work to do before the next deadlines and our focus continues to be the consumer experience and educating consumers about available financial assistance and their choices.”

Nationwide, almost 4 million people under 35 are signed up for Marketplace coverage through December 26. Of those, nearly 3 million of them are ages 18 to 34. That’s more than a quarter of all plan selections. About 770,000 young people ages 18 to 34 are new to the Marketplace in states as of December 26, which means 31 percent of new enrollees in those states are 18 to 34 years of age.

Today’s report demonstrates that Marketplace consumers are actively engaged in shopping and choosing the best plan for them. Among the 8.2 million reenrolling customers nationwide as of December 26, more than half (4.2 million) came back, reviewed their information and actively selected a Marketplace plan. About 60 percent of people who actively reenrolled in states, or 2.2 million people, switched to a different plan than they had for 2015 coverage.

The final number of plan selections to date could fluctuate as plan changes or cancellations occur, such as in response to life changes like starting a new job or getting married. In addition, today’s report only looks at plan selections and does not include the number of consumers who paid their premiums to effectuate their enrollment.

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