Haiti and Chile Earthquakes

Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund Fact Sheet, June 16, 2010

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–June 16, 2010.  Since the January 2010 earthquake, the Clinton Foundation has been turning the donations of money and supplies made by individuals and organizations into direct assistance for the people and government of Haiti. More than 100,000 individuals have donated more than $16 million to the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund.

The Foundation issued $3 million in emergency relief grants to 12 organizations, and recently allocated $1 million for communal hurricane emergency shelters and $1 million for operational support of the IHRC. The Foundation also directly purchased emergency relief, education, and agricultural supplies as well as supported the shipment and delivery to Haiti of more than $16 million worth of goods, including 14 pieces of heavy equipment, 32,680 solar flashlights and lanterns, 58 solar-powered streetlights, and 390,000 articles of clothing.

Thanks to supporters and partners, the total value of assistance to Haiti provided through the Foundation’s efforts has been nearly $23 million to date. The Foundation also provided pro bono staffing, administration, and fundraising support for all Haiti relief efforts.

Organizations Supported by the Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund

The Clinton Foundation Haiti Fund has allocated a total of $3 million to the following organizations on the ground in Haiti:

Current Supply Deliveries

The Clinton Foundation is currently supporting the shipment and delivery to Haiti of over $16 million in supplies since January 2010, including:

February Supply Deliveries

On February 5, on his second trip to Haiti after the earthquake, President Clinton delivered supplies, coordinated through the Clinton Foundation and OSE, which included the following:

January Supply Deliveries

On January 18, during his first trip to Haiti after the earthquake, President Clinton delivered supplies including:


Source: clintonfoundation.org