Video and Pics: Bike Ride Through Sauk Woods

Sauk Lake from the trail
Sauk Lake is visible through the trees. (Photo: ENEWSPF)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- The video below may be a bit shaky (YouTube says it has detected that and is going to apply a "fix"), but I wanted to capture just a minute of this afternoon’s bike ride, through Park Forest and the Cook County Forest Preserve.

For what it’s worth, both parking lots/picnic areas along Ashland Avenue on the east side of the preserve are currently being resurfaced. The resurfacing begins after the crossover for the trail, so the work will not impede your exercise, or, as I like to call it now, your "playing outside."

Temperature was in the high 80s with a strong, steady and warm breeze blowing east. Humidity wasn’t terrible.

More photos and video below:

Entering Sauk Woods at Chestnut Street
Entering Sauk Woods at Chestnut Street. (ENEWSPF)

 Sauk Lake from the trail
Sauk Lake from the trail. (ENEWSPF)