The Atrazine Cover Up: A 6 Minute Video Worth Watching

Pineland, Maine–(ENEWSPF)–April 26, 2010.  Atrazine is a pesticide long associated with causing birth defects in frogs and other amphibians, as well as myriad health impacts to humans and other mammals. The International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health said atrazine’s “alleged endocrine disruptor effects, possible carcinogenic effect, and epidemiological connection to low sperm levels in men has led several researchers to call for banning it in the U.S.” The substance is already banned in the European Union. Yet atrazine remains the most widely used weed killer in American agriculture — even more than Roundup — and a whole bunch of the stuff is still used on golf courses and in some lawn care products.

Farmers and the pesticide industry, predictably, continue to deny any problems. Atrazine is cheap and it kills weeds and that’s all they’re willing to hear.

To better understand the issues, take six minutes to watch this video by the Huffington Post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iJQvrEOIjU. Thanks to our SafeLawns Approved contractor, Michael Bosco, from SoilsAlive in Dallas, Texas, for bringing the video to our attention.


Source: safelawns.org