New TV Ad Thanks President Obama for Standing up to Polluters

“It’s that Simple” Ad Calls on Congress to Support Public Health Protections

Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH–(ENEWSPF)–January 12, 2012. Today the Sierra Club released a high saturation television ad in the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, OH media markets, thanking President Obama for protecting Americans from toxic pollution.   

The ad follows President Obama’s actions to prevent dirty air pollution from blowing across state lines and follows a previous ad that aired in Ohio markets in December, celebrating the Obama Administration’s landmark protections against toxic mercury.

View the ad here: http://youtu.be/bFxBxXTW-4g

The ad, titled “It’s that Simple,” hits the air as some members of Congress threaten to roll back and even permanently weaken toxic pollution protections at the behest of corporate polluters, and against strong public support for cleaning up toxic pollution.

“The vast majority of Americans support the Environmental Protection Agency’s work to keep their air and water clean and hold polluters accountable,” said Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club.  “Any member of Congress who disputes that must explain to American mothers, fathers and children why they want to put polluter profits ahead of Americans’ safety and health.”

“The Sierra Club applauds the President and EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson for protecting American families from life-threatening pollution.”

The ad will be broadcast in high saturation in the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio markets through January 17, totaling the biggest ad buy that the Sierra Club has done in recent history.  The 750 point buy in each Ohio media market means that the average TV viewer in the Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus metro areas will see the ad at least eight times in less than a week.


The full text of the ad: 

With lobbyists and their friends in Congress railing against air pollution standards…

…it’s time to clear the air.

The less we have of this…

The less she’ll have…of this.

Got it?

Less of this…

…equals less of this.

Because mercury, carbon pollution and soot contribute to severe learning disabilities, asthma attacks and even deaths.

President Obama stood up to polluters.

Tell Congress to do the same – for her. 

Source: sierraclub.org

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