Nation’s Leading Organic Lawn Experts to Converge in Boulder

Film Screening, Panel Discussion Set for Oct. 4 in Colorado

Bob Posthuma, right, shown with Sandy Syburg, the founder of Purple Cow Organics, will be among several expert panelists at a Boulder event Oct. 4.

BOULDER, CO.–(ENEWSPF)–September 15, 2012.  With a contingent of the leaders in the organic lawn care movement from across America converging at the University of Colorado, the general public will be invited to a free educational session on Thursday, Oct. 4, courtesy of a local landscape contractor.

“This is truly a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity for the community of Boulder to meet and learn from the cutting-edge professionals in natural lawn care,” said John DeFilippi, founder of ecoLogical Lawn & Tree Care. “The stars aligned and we are able to offer this truly amazing program to the public at no charge.”


Eric Love, shown at Pebble Beach Country Club, is now the grounds superintendent at the Maryland museum known as Glenstone.

Tom Pew is the co-founder of Merlin Organics of Tucson.

Mark Long, the former national manager of Scotts Lawn Care, is now the co-founder of Organic Green Pros.

When DeFilippi learned Paul Tukey would be touring the lawns at the University of Colorado — which are maintained utilizing a biologically active liquid known as compost tea — he invited the best-selling author and founder of SafeLawns.org to speak beginning at 6 p.m. Tukey, in turn, asked several of his colleagues to join him in a panel discussion.

“The University of Colorado is at the forefront of sustainable landscape care in America today and we have professionals from coast to coast eager to come to Boulder and learn all they can,” said Tukey, author of the Organic Lawn Care Manual. “In return, my colleagues are more than happy to share their knowledge for the benefit of all residents of Colorado and beyond.”

Among the scheduled panelists for the event, that will include a screening of the Emmy nominated film A Chemical Reaction, are Mark Long, the former general manager of Scotts Lawn Care, and Eric Love, the former head grounds keeper at Pebble Beach Properties in California who now manages the grounds at the modern art museum known as Glenstone in Maryland. Others include Tom Pew, the founder of Merlin Organics in Arizona and Robert Posthuma of Greater Earth Organics in Wisconsin.

“All of these individuals come from a background of synthetic chemical lawn care and gardening,” said Tukey. “And all of them are now having professional success with organic protocols. They see the future is in safe, sustainable, organic landscape maintenance that every homeowner should emulate.”

The event, scheduled from 6-9 p.m. is currently slated for the ecological Lawn & Tree facility at 4125 Guadeloupe Street, Boulder. If demand for seats exceeds capacity, however, the event may be moved elsewhere. To reserve space, call 303-444-3456.

Source: http://www.safelawns.org

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