EPA Takes New Steps to Limit Carbon Pollution from Biggest Polluters

Washington, D.C.–(ENEWSPF)–December 23, 2010. The Environmental Protection Agency today announced plans to establish new standards to limit carbon pollution from the nation’s biggest polluters – power plants and refineries. These limits, or New Source Performance Standards (NSPS), will set baseline protections against pollution from new and existing polluters when they take effect.

In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune issued the following statement:

“Carbon pollution poses serious threats to Americans’ health, our economy and our future. We’re pleased that EPA is working to deliberately bring this dangerous pollution under control, focusing on the biggest polluters first. This is a major endeavor and the timeline laid out in today’s announcement balances the need for public input with the urgency to act quickly.

“For too long, dirty coal plants, oil refineries and other big polluters have been allowed to use our air and water as dumping grounds for their toxic pollution, and our families are paying the price.

“But there is a solution.  There is technology available today that can affordably reduce carbon pollution. There is no reason why these big polluters shouldn’t be using it.

“EPA’s plan sets clear goals for cleaning up the way we power our country — a move that will make for healthier kids and families and create much-needed jobs. Taken together with other agency efforts, this plan will help ensure cleaner air and water and a better quality of life for us all.”

Source: sierraclub.org