BODYBUILDING.COM Is Conducting a Voluntary Nationwide and International Recall of 65 Dietary Supplements

Boise, ID–(ENEWSPF)–November 3, 2009 – As part of its ongoing cooperation with the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”),, LLC (the “Company”) announced today that it is conducting a voluntary nationwide and international recall of all lots and expiration dates of 65 dietary supplement products (the “Recalled Products”) described on the attached list, that were sold through the Company’s website,

The FDA has informed the Company that it believes that the Recalled Products contain ingredients that are steroids. Specifically, the FDA has advised the Company of its concern that the Recalled Products may contain the following ingredients that are currently classified, or the FDA believes should be classified, as steroids: “Superdrol,” “Madol,” “Tren,” “Androstenedione,” and/or “Turinabol.” While the Company has not had an opportunity to independently confirm the FDA’s concerns that the Recalled Products in fact contain these ingredients, the Company is undertaking this voluntary recall in an abundance of caution.

Acute liver injury is known to be a possible harmful effect of using steroid-containing products. In addition, steroids may cause other serious long-term adverse health consequences in men, women, and children. These include shrinkage of the testes and male infertility, masculinization of women, breast enlargement in males, short stature in children, a higher predilection to misuse other drugs and alcohol, adverse effects on blood lipid levels, and increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and death.

The Company has not received to date any reports of adverse events in connection with the Recalled Products. Because of the possible harmful effects of using products containing steroids, the Company is cooperating with the FDA to conduct a recall of the products the FDA has identified as containing steroids. Prior to agreeing to carry the Recalled Products, the Company received assurances from all of the manufacturers of the Recalled Products that these products were properly classified as dietary supplements in compliance with federal law, meaning that these products did not contain any unlawful ingredient. Customers who have any of the Recalled Products in their possession should stop using them immediately and contact their physician if they have experienced any problems that may be related to taking one or more of the ingredients listed above.

Any adverse events that may be related to the use of the Recalled Products should be reported to the FDA’s MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program online [at], by phone [1-800-FDA-1088], or by returning the postagepaid FDA form 3500 [which may be downloaded from] by mail [to MedWatch, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD 20852-9787] or fax [1-800-FDA- 0178].

The Company is committed to providing accurate information about its products. The Company is working voluntarily with the FDA in this recall process.

Consumers should return any unused products purchased on the Company’s site to the Company. For instructions on how to return Recalled Products please call (1-866-236-8417) or e-mail ([email protected]) the Company.


Brand Name

4Ever Fit D-Drol

Advanced Muscle Science Dienedrone

Advanced Muscle Science Liquidrone UTT

Anabolic Xtreme Hyperdrol X2

APS (aka Advanced Muscle Science) Mastavol

APS (aka Advanced Muscle Science) Revamp

APS (aka Advanced Muscle Science) Ultra Mass Stack

APS (aka Advanced Muscle Science) Ripped Stack

Better Body Sports Finadex

Black China Labs Straight Drol

Black China Labs Straight Phlexed

Body Conditioning Solutions TestraFLEX

Bjorklund Methyldrostanolone

BOSC Enterprises Epi-Tren

BOSC Enterprises Magna Drol

Chaparral Labs Epivol

Chaparral Labs Pheravol-V

Competitive Edge Labs M-Drol

Competitive Edge Labs P-Plex

Competitive Edge Labs X-tren

Diabolic Labs Epio-Plex

Diabolic Labs Finabolic 50

Diabolic Labs Revenge

Ergopharm 6-OXO

Ergopharm 6-OXO Extreme

EST (aka Engineered Sports Technology) MethAnstance

Extreme Labs Susto-Test Depot

Fizogen ON Cycle II Hardcore

G.E.T/ (Genetic Edge Technologies) SUS-500

G.E.T/ (Genetic Edge Technologies) Tren-250

Hardcore Formulations T-Roid

I Force Nutrition 1,4 AD Bold 200

I Force Dymethazine/Reversitol Combo Pack

I Force Reversitol

I Force Nutrition 17a PheraFLEX

I Force Nutrition Dymethazine

I Force Nutrition Methadrol

IDS (aka Innovative Delivery Systems) Bromodrol

IDS (aka Innovative Delivery Systems) Grow Tabs TR

IDS (aka Innovative Delivery Systems) Mass Tabs

IDS (aka Innovative Delivery Systems) Oxodrol Pro

IDS (aka Innovative Delivery Systems) Ripped Tabs TR

IDS (aka Innovative Delivery Systems) Rapid Release

Ripped Tabs

Kilo Sports Massdrol

Kilo Sports Phera-Mass

Kilo Sports Trenadrol

Monster Caps Monster Caps

Myogenix Spawn

Nutra Coastal D-Stianozol

Nutra Coastal H-Drol

Nutra Coastal MDIT

Nutra Coastal S-Drol

Nutra Coastal Trena

Performance Anabolics Methastadrol

Performance Anabolics Tri-Methyl X

Purus Labs E-pol Inslinsified

Purus Labs Nasty Mass

Rage RV2

Rage RV3

Rage RV4

Rage RV5

Redefine Nutrition Finaflex 550-XD

Redefine Nutrition Finaflex Ripped

Transform Supplements Forged Extreme Mass

Transform Supplements Forged Lean Mass