Why We Oppose the Proposed Crete CSX Intermodal

CRETE–(ENEWSPF)–March 15, 2017.
WE…Crete Residents and Concerned Citizens in surrounding communities…oppose the proposed CSX Crete Intermodal for the following reasons.
*We look forward to the Equestrian Horses (HITS) and the culture and businesses that kind of enterprise will bring to our area. The intermodal is in direct contrast to the kind of vision we have for our area.
*We chose to live in this area because it was environmentally peaceful. Industry, air pollution, congestion, truck traffic…those are the things we wanted to get away from.
*Air pollution, noise pollution, diesel semi trucks coming in and out will be horrible for the school right across the street.
*People over profits…people moved here for the rural atmosphere. House values will go down and some will have to move because of health problems.
*The roads can’t handle the unwanted truck traffic and unwanted diesel pollution and noise.
*We are for people and planet…not profits, more consumerism, industry, or warehouses.
*We are for “less is more” and “buy local.”
*We are for worker rights and we hear the warehouse jobs that will inevitably come with the intermodal are less than good jobs…temp workers, non-living wages, discrimination, etc.
*We believe the intermodal is unnecessary…things are being transported fine without it.
*We believe this is a step towards the 3rd airport which will totally change the area. We need farmland and green area and places for butterflies and children to thrive and survive.
*We don’t see this project as beneficial to Crete or the surrounding area. As a matter of fact we see it as the ruination of what we call Crete. We have a different vision of what progress would look like for our area and it doesn’t include trains and semi trucks going in and out all day long. We see recreational areas and parks for the young and old, great schools, higher education, bike trails, walking trails, a swimming pool, a water park, horseback riding trails, snowmobile trails, cultural and educational places for the family, a community theater and venue to host orchestras and musicians, a community garden, a butterfly garden, quaint bed and breakfasts, unique shopping, great places to eat, and just a great place to raise a family.”
Source: Crete Residents
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