Local Leaders Express Strong Support for South Suburban Airport

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  1. First of all when you misspelled the word lightning I can’t take you seriously. There is no e in it.

    Second it will not create tens of thousands of jobs. The infrastructure to support an airport is not here. Thus there is no infrastructure to support strip malls or hotels or restaurants or whatever the heck you think is going to spring up around the supposed Airport. We can barely get the snow plowed after a storm much less deal with that kind of traffic.

    Third every single airline has said they will not fly to this Airport. You find one carrier that says they will fly here and I will eat my words. It is also over 40 miles to Chicago where most people would be heading. I-57 shuts down occasionally in the winter. Route 50 is not equipped to handle that kind of traffic. Cab drivers have said they will not drive to and from this airport. It is at least an $80 fare. No one in their right mind would pay that. The closest transportation to Chicago is in University Park at the Metra Electric line. They are also not equipped to handle that sort of load.

    The airport at Gary Indiana is begging for us. They are just begging. It is actually closer to Chicago. The airport you also slavishly want would end up being a cargo airport at best. It would possibly create 20 or 30 permanent jobs. Look at the airport in East St.Louis where there has never been a single flight in or out. Ever.

    Please just let this airport thing die.. Do not wipe two or three towns off the face of the map for 20 or 30 jobs. Also once you pave over some of the most fertile Farmland in the world you can never get it back. Go find something else to create jobs. This is not the way.

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