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Felony Possession of Another’s Credit Card: Park Forest Police Reports

K9 Tucker, Park Forest Police
K9 Tucker of the Park Forest Police Department. (Photo: PFPD)

Park Forest, IL-(ENEWSPF)- These police reports include arrests through April 9, 2019. Charges for those arrested include domestic battery, DUI, and disorderly conduct. There one man charged with felony possession of another’s credit, debit, or identification card.

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eNews Park Forest has always published addresses of those arrested and will continue to do so. 5 ILCS 140/2.15 states that the governmental body (for these reports, the Police Department), shall release information on those who have been charged, including their name, age, and address. This information is necessary to ensure the proper identity of those arrested.

An arrest does not mean that a person is guilty. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is the policy of eNews Park Forest to not remove items in the public record from publication. If your name is listed in the police reports, we will only add information relevant to the final disposition of the case at hand, e.g. “Mr. Smith was subsequently acquitted,” “Mr. Smith entered a guilty plea,” or “All charges against Mr. Smith were subsequently dropped.” We will do so upon receiving and verifying proof of such disposition.

Persons wishing to leave anonymous information on any criminal matters including narcotics or gang activity are encouraged to call the Park Forest Police Department Investigations Division at (708) 748-1309.

eNews Park Forest reports this information because the public in the United States has the right to know.  When that information is withheld or under-reported, it leaves questions.  We also want to show the work that the police force does every day that is not reported.  Police in Park Forest respond to thousands of calls per year, the vast majority of which do not end up with arrests.  Whether it’s conducting a routine investigation, pulling over a drunk driver, or responding to a possible theft at a store, the work of the police officer deserves acknowledgment by the public.

Felony Possession of Another’s Credit, Debit, or Identification Card

Kolawole S. Omotade, 19, 308 Oakwood St., Park Forest, was arrested April 4 and charged with trespassing after police responded to a delayed burglary report in the 300 block of Oakwood Street on April 3. Mr. Omotade was also processed on a Cook County warrant charging criminal sexual assault.

While investigating the trespassing complaint, police located a stack of six cards: a Circle K easy pay card, a victorious Secret pink card, a Pinnacle Entertainment card, a Dave & Busters power card, a Carson’s card, and a Walmart in-store credit card. These cards are written up in a separate incident report dated April 4, 2019, and those that did have names on them did not have Mr. Omotade’s name on them, according to police.

When Mr. Omotade was brought to the Park Forest Police Department, police recovered two wallets from Mr. Omotade’s person. They also found a BMO Harris Bank MasterCard, a PNC Bank Virtual Wallet Visa debit card, Fifth Third Bank MasterCard, a TCF Bank Visa debit card, and Fifth Third Bank Express Banking MasterCard, none of which had Mr. Omotade’s name on them. Police found nine cards total and they were all retained as evidence, according to the report.

In relation to these cards which police reported finding on Mr. Omotade’s person, the Felony Review Unit of the Cook County States Attorney’s office approved one felony count of possession of another’s credit, debit, or identification card.


Pierre F. Davis, was brought to the 22, 34 Wedgewood Rd., Matteson, was arrested on April 3 and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of alcohol (BAC > .08), driving while license was revoked, operation of an uninsured motor vehicle, illegal transportation of alcoholic liquor, having only one red taillight, failure to signal when required, and improper backing on a roadway after officers were dispatched to the first block of Indianwood Boulevard to investigate a report of a hit and run.

SouthCom dispatch advised that the caller’s vehicle was allegedly struck by a gray vehicle which allegedly fled the scene.

According to police, the caller reported seeing a grey sedan attempting to back in front of his vehicle, which was parked on the curb on Indianwood Boulevard just west of Court G-3. A short time later, the caller heard a loud noise and came outside to discover that the grey sedan had allegedly struck his vehicle while attempting to park.

After the responding officer had taken the report, he was walking back to his patrol vehicle when a grey sedan with rear passenger-side body damage and a broken rear passenger side tail light passed the officer. The vehicle was traveling eastbound on Indianwood Boulevard, according to the report.

The officer followed the vehicle and noted that the vehicle allegedly failed to signal as it was turning into Court G-3 from Indianwood Boulevard. The officer curbed the vehicle just inside the entrance to Court G-3.

The driver of the vehicle, later identified as Pierre Davis, allegedly told police that he had not been involved in an accident and that he was just trying to park and pick up his sister from her residence. Mr. Davis did not have a drivers license and insurance, according to police. Instead, he told the officer that he had an ID.

Mr. Davis asked the officer the reason for the stop and the officer informed him that one of his taillights was broken. Mr. Davis then informed the officer that he did not have a broken tail light because he had just searched the vehicle, according to the report. The officer asked Mr. Davis what exactly he had just searched and Mr. Davis allegedly replied that he had just searched his license plates and did not have a broken tail light, according to police.

While speaking with Mr. Davis, the officer noted a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from Mr. Davis’s breath, according to police. Further, Mr. Davis’s speech was “very slurred” and he had “bloodshot, glassy eyes,” according to the report.

The officer conducted a LEADS inquiry and discovered that Mr. Davises Illinois driver’s license was currently revoked, according to police. Mr. Davis was instructed to exit the vehicle. He complied and was subsequently taken into custody under suspicion of driving while license was revoked, according to police.

Disorderly Conduct

Wayne Reed, 72, 101 Main St. #332, Park Forest, was issued a municipal citation on April 5 charging disorderly conduct after police were dispatched to the 100 block of Main Street in reference to a report of a fight. Mr. Reed was not taken into custody and was not arrested, according to the report.

Domestic Battery

Nathaniel D. Barnes, 28, 1412 Diplomat Lane, Ford Heights, was arrested on April 6 and charged with one count of domestic battery and interference with the reporting of domestic battery after police responded to the 300 block of Forest Boulevard to investigate a domestic report.

Battery & Assault

Nedra T. Stone, 35, 321 Miami St., Park Forest, was issued a municipal ticket charging battery and a municipal ticket charging assault after police responded to a business in the 100 block of South Orchard Drive to investigate a report of a fight in progress. There is no indication in the report that Ms. Stone was arrested. The municipal tickets were to be heard on April 25, 2019, at the Park Forest Police Department.