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DUI Charge for Calumet City Man Who Allegedly Struck a Tree

Park Forest, IL—(ENEWSPF)—A Calumet City man landed a DUI charge after police said they found that he struck a tree on Monee Road.

In another incident, police gave three young people municipal tickets charging unlawful possession and use of cannabis in a vehicle. We remind our readers that it is illegal to have open cannabis in a car.

Other reports detail accounts of alleged domestic battery.

Park Forest Police Blotter Report Through April 7, 2024


Police arrested Shawntell Curry, 50, Calumet City, on April 2 and charged him with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), and failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

Police responded to an address on Monee Road regarding a REIT report of an accident. The complainant told SouthCom Dispatch that a white vehicle was traveling on Monee Road when it drove off the roadway and struck a tree.

It was 3:07 PM.

Police: Land Rover Struck a Tree: “Front end smashed into a tree.”

Upon arrival, officers saw a white Land Rover off the roadway with its front end smashed into a tree on the south side of Monee Road. An officer made contact with the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle, Shawntell Curry. Mr. Curry was standing outside the Land Rover.

The officer offered him emergency medical services which he refused, according to police.

Officer Detects Odor of Alcohol

Shawntell Curry, struck tree
Shawntell Curry. (Photo courtesy Park Forest Police)

While speaking with Mr. Curry, the officer detected the odor of alcohol coming from his breath, according to police. Mr. Curry was unable to retrieve his insurance information when the officer asked for it, according to police.

While continuing to gather Mr. Curry’s information, Mr. Curry “made a nonsensical statement about a tac unit but was unable to further describe what he was referencing,” according to the report. Mr. Curry allegedly told the officer that he was driving Southwest on Monee Road approaching the area of South Orchard Drive and Monee Road when he saw garbage cans that fell in the roadway. Mr. Curry said he tried to swerve around the garbage cans but lost control of the vehicle, ran off the roadway, struck a mailbox, then crashed into a tree, according to police.

Report: Driver said he was coming from “Right there.”

When asked where he was coming from, Mr. Curry allegedly replied, “Right there,” according to police. Police asked him for more detail. Mr. Curry asked the officer if he was on camera. When the officer told him he was on camera, Mr. Curry stop talking about his previous whereabouts, according to police. Mr. Curry allegedly told the officer that his wife was “one of our people” but was unable to explain what he meant by that, according to police.

The officer told Mr. Curry that he wanted to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests to see if Mr. Curry was impaired. At first, Mr. Curry was reluctant but eventually complied with the request, according to police. After the administration of the tests, police took Mr. Curry into custody on suspicion of driving under the influence.

After a 20-minute observation., The arresting officer read to Mr. Curry the Illinois Warning to Motorist’s, according to police. Mr. Curry “was belligerent and disruptive during the reading of said warning,” according to the report. At 4:15 PM, the officer administered to Mr. Curry a breath analysis test. Mr. Curry provided an insufficient sample, according to the report. The officer gave Mr. Curry several more opportunities to complete the tests but he allegedly continued to provide an insufficient sample, according to police. Eventually, Mr. Curry refused further testing, according to police.

Municipal Tickets: Unlawful Possession and Use of Cannabis in a Vehicle

Police issued municipal tickets charging unlawful possession and use of cannabis in a vehicle to three young people on April 3.

An officer responded to the 400 block of Winnebago Street at 6:45 PM to investigate a report of a reckless driver in a silver Lexus. Upon arrival, an officer saw the silver Lexus with dark tinted windows backed into a driveway. When the officer got out of his squad car, the driver got out of the Lexus and allegedly walk toward the front door of the home. The officer tried speaking with him about the reckless driving complaint, giving him several commands to stop walking, according to police. The driver allegedly did not comply and entered the home. The officer rang the doorbell and knocked on the door repeatedly, but no one answered, according to police.

Officer goes to the car, smells cannabis.

The officer went to the car. Inside were three passengers, Antonio Hall, 18, Chicago Heights; Demetria Gosha, 19, Richton Park; and Tyler Woods, 18, Park Forest. The officer smelled a strong odor of burnt cannabis.

Two other officers arrived on the scene.

The first officer at the scene saw a cigar inside the car that appeared to contain cannabis. The cigar was in open view on the center console area, according to police. All three of the young people inside the car said the cigar did not belong to them. However, they were unable to identify the driver who got out of the Lexus, according to police.

Police searched the young people and found no contraband on their persons. Officers issued each of them a municipal citation charging unlawful possession and use of cannabis in a vehicle, according to police.

Domestic Battery

Police arrested Dominique M. Evans, 32, Park Forest, on April 5 and charged her with one count of domestic battery.

Police responded to a home on Winnebago Street at 3:02 AM to investigate a report of domestic battery. The complainant alleged that Dominique M. Evans, came home intoxicated at around 2 AM. She allegedly began yelling, punching, scratching, and biting the complainant, according to police.

The complainant said he did not hit Ms. Evans in return but extended his arms to restrain her, according to police. He then called the police.

One officer saw red marks on the complainant’s right inner forearm, in her left wrist, and right bicep, according to police. There were no physical markings on Ms. Evans, according to police.

The complainant said he wished to pursue criminal complaints against Ms. Evans. Police subsequently arrested Ms. Evans on suspicion of domestic battery. They transported her to the Park Forest Police Department pending a mandatory bond hearing at the Markham Courthouse.

Retail Theft

Police arrested Jermaine Fowlkes, 35, Park Forest, on April 5 and charged him with retail theft below $500 and criminal trespass.

An officer was driving east on Main Street from Orchard Drive when he saw the manager of Dollar General at 10 Main St. flag him down. The manager alleged that Jermaine Fowlkes stole Honeybuns from the store and walked outside. The manager alleged that Mr. Fowlkes was trespassing based on previous incidents. (See this report which includes an incident at the same business on March 25.)

The manager said she wanted to sign complaints against Mr. Fowlkes. The officer confirmed through LEADS that another officer charged Mr. Fowlkes with trespassing on March 25, 2024.

Domestic Battery

Police arrested Jeremiah D. Johnson, 21, Park Forest, on April 6 and charged him with domestic battery. Officers responded to an address on Chestnut Street at 4:15 AM to investigate a report of domestic battery.

The complainant alleged to SouthCom Dispatch that Jeremiah Johnson attacked her and she grabbed her firearm to protect herself, according to police. She said she locked herself in her bedroom and alleged that Jeremiah was trying to break down her door, according to police.

When police arrived, they made contact with the complainant who was armed with her firearm, according to police. An officer secured the firearm.

The complainant said that Jeremiah Johnson was locked in his bedroom and would not come out, according to police. She told police that Mr. Johnson might be on drugs and alcohol because he was acting strange, according to police.

Police find suspect hiding in the basement.

Police went to Mr. Johnson’s bedroom door and asked him several times to open the door. He did not answer, according to police. Police told him they would break down the door, according to the report. Mr. Johnson then shouted from the basement area that he needed assistance, according to police.

Two officers found Mr. Johnson hiding in the basement.

Asking why he attacked the complainant, Mr. Johnson alleged that the complainant hit him first. The officer asked Mr. Johnson how many times the complainant hit him. He stated, “Once,” and allegedly said that was why he attacked her, according to police.

Mr. Johnson did not appear to have any injuries but appeared to be highly intoxicated and irate, according to police. The complainant had swelling to her face and a laceration above her left eye with heavy bleeding, according to police.

Park Forest Paramedics arrived and assisted cleaning her wounds. She declined any further transport, according to police.

The complainant said she did not wish to pursue criminal complaints. An officer told her that due to her injuries, they were arresting Mr. Johnson on suspicion of domestic battery, according to the report.


Police arrested Khesanh B. Dorsey, 36, Park Forest, on April 7 in connection with an active no bond arrest warrant issued by the Cook County Sheriff’s Police on a charge of burglary. Police responded to a home on Kentucky Street at 11:54 AM in the aftermath of a report on another incident. Police learned that Khesanh Dorsey was inside the home and possibly had an arrest warrant, according to the report.

About Police Reports

Please note that we repeatedly say “according to police” in these reports and often use “allegedly.” We are not asserting in any way that those police arrested and charged committed any offenses. We report on what is in the reports that the police furnish to us. As those accused are innocent until proven guilty, the burden is on prosecutors and police to prove all alleged crimes.

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Presumption of Innocence

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