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WGN: Teen Hospitalized After Video Shows Him Beaten by Oak Lawn Cops

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ENEWSPF – According to WGN, “A teen was hospitalized after video shows him being beaten by police in Oak Lawn.”

The disturbing video below shows two officers who appear to be punching the teenager.

From WGN:

The video shows two officers holding down the boy and punching him in the face. A third cop then appears.

A woman is heard on the video saying, “Why are they beating him like this? It’s a little boy.”

At one point, the woman recording gets out of her vehicle to continue filming.

“This is a little kid,” she is heard saying. “I don’t know what the [expletive] happened.”

The video below is disturbing.

According to WGN, police pulled a car over the teen was driving because they allegedly smelled burnt cannabis and the car had no front registration.

Police said in a statement, “The subject was armed at the time, unlawfully, with a semiautomatic handgun. Both the subject and one officer were transported to a local hospital for treatment of injuries.”

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