Letters to the Editor

To the Editor – December 7, 2009

Many of Us Dispute Man Caused Global Warming

There are many of us who dispute the concept of man caused global warming and those of us old enough remember the debate over global cooling.

In your paper I see a large body of political content taken, it seems, from the DNC. Why have I not seen something about the other side of the story such as the current discussion of hacked emails? The party in power is drastically remaking our economy on the notion that we are causing global warming. Although they have so increased government spending, added so much currency and liquidity to the markets creating an unprecedented debt and devalued currency with an almost certain double digit inflation on the horizon that we may not have the economic ability to recover, the verbal public may finally see what is happening and turn this tide around at the ballot box. I certainly hope so!

In it’s most populas and powerful city, county and state that has essentially a one party perennial rule, interrupted with a Republican Governor that acted like a caricature or an old time back room Democrat, hearing the left, center and right points of view from the left for so long, true conservative opinion may seem from the moon! Since it is not one more opinion reinforcing the left’s position and conventional unchallenged wisdom of global warming, when creditable evidence and obvious personal imperiacle observation for nine out of the last ten years, it is just put aside and the slight cooling trend this last 100 years, with a few years of warming but primarily cooling, is largely ignored. At least print an article from the primarily liberal New York Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/21/science/earth/21climate.html.

Gene Sparing
Park Forest