Letters to the Editor

To the Editor – August 3, 2009: Prayer, Meditation Garden Invitation

To The Editor:

Members of the congregation at St. Paul’s Good Shepherd United Protestant Church located on the corner of Lakewood Blvd and Westwood Drive in Park Forest would like to invite everyone to visit our “Prayer and Meditation Garden” which is in front of the church.

We get many comments how beautiful our flowers are but do not realize the theme of the garden. It could be the only Religious Theme Garden in the State of Illinois. It includes a bed that represents “The Last Supper” with a chalice of wine, a goblet and name plates for each Disciple, loaf of bread and Judas’s money bag.

We have the Crucifixion with Christ nailed to the cross. Flower beds represent the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Choir music can be played.

We would like to have everyone enjoy it before the summer ends.

Mel Schiller
Park Forest, IL
Member SPGS Church.