Why I Voted for Jesse Jackson, Jr.

I voted for Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. And you should too.

I voted today for Jesse Jackson, Jr. for Congress.

And you should vote for him too.

Among the many reasons I favor Jesse, Jr. over Debbie Halvorson, consider the following from the Chicago Tribune:

Seated beside her "distracted" opponent at our head-to-head candidate interview, it was Halvorson who fudged, stumbled and stammered. Asked to explain her one-and-done tenure as representative of the 11th District, she blurted out that voters can be "fickle." She later said that was a bad choice of words. Asked to name federal programs she would target for spending cuts, she couldn’t think of one. Over and over she offered, lamely, that voters should send her back to Washington so she could help "innovate" the country out of its current mess. We don’t think so.

Jackson ran circles around Halvorson in our interview, showing a 16-year incumbent’s command of the issues. When Halvorson said he had failed to advance his plan to build a third regional airport near Peotone, Jackson’s response assured us yet again that he’s relentlessly focused on making it happen. (Her comments, meanwhile, convinced us she is not.) Jackson is endorsed.

Mention to almost anyone the name "Jesse Jackson, Jr." and you will likely be met with a visceral reaction: pro or con.

My reaction is decidedly "pro."

Recently, I have seen a decidedly more humble Jesse Jackson, Jr. My hope is that this humility will accompany the congressman throughout his next term.

Humility is good. Especially for pols.

Congressman Jackson has been very, very good to Park Forest. Congressman Jackson has been very, very responsive to Park Forest, any time we have called upon him. And Congressman Jackson continues to be responsive to Park Forest, as attested by the millions in grants Park Forest has received from the federal government over recent years, and more.

Congressman Jackson deserves your vote.

Jackson is smart, dedicated, and passionate.

Jackson will, and has, fought for your rights against a horribly-ultra-right-wing-leaning G.O.P.

Jackson will fight for the South Suburbs, and Jackson will fight for the Third Airport, to be built with private funds.

Yes, Jackson will fight for the Third Airport, and for this reason alone, you should vote for Jesse Jackson, Jr., for the United States Congress.

I believe in Jesse, Jr.

And you should too.