Tough To Criticize Economic Policies that Created and Continue to Create Jobs


By Gary Kopycinski

The numbers tell the story. For all the naysayers, the Tea Party, the Birthers, the right-wing PACs, Super PACs, the Congressional GOP and the GOP presidential contenders, it’s hard to be critical of the numbers. It’s even harder to criticize success.

President Obama’s administration has been one of job creation. Perhaps not as quickly as some would have liked or needed. Many faced foreclosure. But the "Great Recession," which once threatened to pull us into a second Great Depression, is behind us now.

Sound policies moving forward to corporations to move back home to American shores, closing corporate tax loopholes, Americans continuing to pay down their individual debts, move back into formerly-forclosed homes, and Americans buying American-made products, will serve the United States well as our recovery continues.

Great unknowns remain: Europe — still mired in its own debt crisis, and the Arab world, still in transition, clamoring for democracy as waves from the Arab Spring continue to resonate. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the European Union cry for more and more "austerity measures," attempting to impose a one-size-fits-all solution to the enormously complex issues that led to Europe’s economic woes. "Austerity" will continue to stifle economic growth among our European allies, and time will tell if the euro survives, lacking a European equivalent of the Federal Reserve.

The American economy is no longer in free-fall. As the economy continues to add jobs and America’s recovery continues, the GOP presidential candidates will be hard-pressed to challenge President Obama’s policies. They will be even harder-pressed to champion the failed policies of the past.

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