Statement From Hillary for America Adviser And Army Veteran Bishop Garrison On Trump’s Veterans Plan

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–July 11, 2016.  Hillary For America Deputy Foreign Policy Adviser Bishop Garrison is a West Point graduate who served five years in the U.S. Army, with two one-year-long tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and served as a Special Assistant and White House Liaison to both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. Today, Garrison released the following statement on Trump’s veterans plan:

“Make no mistake about what Donald Trump just laid out. The policy reforms he proposed would put us irreversibly on a path toward the wholesale privatization of the VA. We can and must fix the VA to ensure it provides top-of-the-line 21st century care for our veterans, and Hillary Clinton has laid out a plan to do exactly that. But Donald Trump’s proposal would gut the VA of the resources needed to provide high-quality, coordinated care. Fully privatizing the VA – the inevitable result of Trump’s proposals – is not a fix at all; it’s an ideological crusade that will only compound the problem. It would deprive our veterans of access to the specialized care they require and deserve and leave them at the mercy of a private health care market that’s ill-suited to handle their needs.”


  • POLL: 64% of veterans oppose privatization — with 54% of them strongly opposing it — while only 29% support it.