Sierra Club Statement on Volkswagen’s Emissions Scandal Settlement

OAKLAND, CA –(ENEWSPF)–June 23, 2016.   Today, Bloomberg reported compensation that will be included in Volkswagen’s settlement for using emissions cheating devices in their so-called “clean diesel” vehicles. According to the report, the settlement amounts to about $10 billion and includes payment for owners of the polluting cars up to $7,000 to compensate consumers, and a grant program to offset the air pollution created by those cars still on the road that cannot be fixed.

The Sierra Club previously called for Volkswagen to take the polluting cars off the road, or fix them to ensure they would meet the standard the automaker had claimed when they first sold the vehicles and before the rigging scandal was revealed.

In April, Volkswagen announced that it is increasing its investment in producing electric vehicles.

In response, Sierra Club California Director Kathryn Phillips released the following statement:

“The regulators and the courts must hold Volkswagen fully accountable for its polluting practices. If accurate, these early reports suggests the settlement is getting closer to holding Volkswagen accountable, but not close enough.

“Volkswagen’s deceit is as dangerous as the smog left behind by its vehicles’ tailpipes — some of which may still be left on the road. If that’s true, it’s doubly important that penalties in the settlement are high enough to make a difference. The money needs to be spent in a way that communities hit hardest by Volkswagen’s pollution — those located along highways and other busy traffic corridors — feel the benefit.”


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