Sierra Club: Secretary Hillary Clinton Makes History Accepting the Democratic Nomination for President

Clinton Speaks to the Greatness and Unity of America

Philadelphia, PA –(ENEWSPF)–July 28, 2016.   Today, Secretary Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for president. Making history as the first woman from any major party to accept the nomination, Clinton spoke of her vision of a united nation, where Americans join together to tackle the issues.

In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement:

“Secretary Clinton’s nomination this evening was a truly historic moment for America, and the Sierra Club is proud to have endorsed her.

“President Obama could not have said it any better last night; Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for president America has ever seen. But her readiness to lead goes beyond that.

“Clinton has proposed in-depth and thought-out plans to combat the climate crisis, protect our public lands, and put an end to racial injustice. She not only wants to complete America’s transition to 100 percent clean energy, she recognizes the massive job growth opportunity it presents and wants to make America the global leader in the clean energy market. And Clinton opposes unfair trade deals and wants to overturn Citizens United, putting democracy back in the hands of the voters.

“In tonight’s speech, Clinton spoke of a unified America, a country that, when working together, can tackle our greatest challenges. This is the mentality and effort that is needed for us to accomplish her plans to stop climate change, and it couldn’t be further from the Republican presidential nominee.

“Demagogue Donald Trump has sought to divide America in every possible way—including climate change. He has called it a hoax, a concept created by the Chinese, and wants to tear up the Paris Climate Agreement, among other outrageous and dangerous claims. In fact, if elected, Trump will be the only world leader who refutes the existence of climate change.

“This election is about a vision for America. Do we want to be a nation that believes in science and unity, or one that tweets dangerous thoughts and divides us. The Sierra Club knows that answer, which is why we proudly endorsed Secretary Clinton, and will work tirelessly to ensure she is elected.”