SEIU’s Henry: All Working People will Benefit from Higher Overtime Threshold

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–June 30, 2015. In response to word that the Obama administration will move to make millions more workers eligible for overtime pay, SEIU International President Mary Kay Henry issued the following statement:

“Increasing the overtime threshold is probably the single most important thing the president could do, on his own, to raise pay — and more than that, it’s the right thing to do: workers should be paid for all the hours they actually work. The 2 million members of SEIU and all working people will benefit from this bold action that will put money in everyday Americans’ pockets and boost the economy.

“Women, African Americans, Latinos, early-career professionals and workers at lower education levels especially stand to gain. If you work hard for a living, you ought to be able to live a good life and get ahead.

“In 1975, nearly two-thirds of workers were covered, but that number fell to just 11 percent without adjustments for inflation and with corporations making people ‘assistant managers’ purely so they could work them 50 or 60 hours a week without paying them overtime.

“Large majorities of Americans are in favor of increasing the overtime threshold. In fact, the only ones fighting it are big corporations with millionaire CEOs who like it when people work for free.”


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