Scandal: Taxpayer Money Funding Political Anti-Marijuana Campaign

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OREGON–(ENEWSPF)–August 21, 2014. The two leading opponents of sensible drug policies are using taxpayer money to run their campaign against marijuana legalization in Oregon

How can this be legal?

Kevin Sabet and Josh Marquis are two of the biggest anti-marijuana zealots on the planet. They are also leading opponents of Measure 91, the Oregon ballot measure would regulate, legalize and tax marijuana.

They are using our taxpayer money to campaign against Measure 91, going on a 13-city “education” tour across Oregon, right before ballots drop. Why? To talk about the horrors of marijuana. Making matters worse, the money comes from a federal grant, paid for by the American people.

Here’s the story, now trending on the Portland subreddit. Willamette Week broke it, but buried the lead, even hiding some of the news in a photo caption.

The ‘education tour’ is funded through a federal Drug-Free Communities Support Program grant, administered through the same office for which Sabet worked. It’s not clear yet how much taxpayer money will be spent on the tour. Planners say each county will foot the bill separately. The Jefferson County portion of the tour, for example, will run about $15,000 for a two-day conference, half of which will be dedicated specifically to marijuana.

This is not an education tour. If it had been an education tour, they would have invited neutral drug educators or people like Oregon’s leading drug addiction expert, who could tell the other side of the story.

This is an anti-marijuana campaign, plain and simple.

This needs to be investigated more. My challenge to readers and other bloggers – please help us get some basic questions answered.

Is this legal? Because if it is, it shouldn’t be. What election laws might they be violating?

$15,000 is being spent on the Jefferson County part of the tour. How much federal money is being spent in total?

How much of this money is going to Kevin Sabet for speaking? How much is going to Josh Marquis?

How many times have Kevin Sabet and Josh Marquis used taxpayer money to campaign against marijuana?

How many unsolved murder and rape cases are there in Clatsop County, where Josh Marquis is supposed to be leading prosecutions? Does he have more important things to do?

Who is administering this grant? What does that person have to say.

Please share this story and help us get out the word.

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