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Retired Major General Paul D. Eaton Statement on Donald Trump’s Tweet on Flag Burning

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Washington DC –(ENEWSPF)–November 29, 2016.  This morning, Donald Trump tweeted that Americans who burn the flag should be imprisoned, or have their citizenship revoked, even though the Supreme Court decided burning of the flag was a First Amendment right.
In response to Trump’s comments, Retired Army Major General Paul D. Eaton, senior adviser to, released the following statement:
“Donald Trump is attacking the very first amendment in the Constitution, that every member of the military swore to protect – the freedom of speech and expression.  The idea that any American should be jailed or see his or her citizenship revoked for exercising that right is chilling.
Further, it raises questions about what Donald Trump would want to do with those people, if they lost their citizenship, and all the other Constitutional protections that come with it – from due process rights to protections against cruel and unusual punishment.  What would his intent be, after taking away someone’s citizenship?
The oath we took, and the one Donald Trump will be taking in just a matter of weeks, is very clear.  Defense of the Constitution, and all it stands for, is paramount.  Comments like the one the President-elect has made today are antithetical to that oath.”
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