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Responses to Trump’s National Security Speech, June 13, 2016

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–June 13, 2016. In response to Donald Trump’s troubling national security speech, HFA Chair John Podesta released the following statement:

“Donald Trump’s speech offered some disturbing insights into the dangers of a Trump White House.  Nothing in his rambling remarks came close to resembling a real strategy for fighting terrorists and keeping our people safe. Indeed nothing in his speech would have done anything to stop this killer. Prejudice, paranoia and partisanship are not a plan, and will not protect anyone.”

In addition, Trump took numerous liberties with the truth about about yesterday’s tragedy, immigrant communities, and Hillary Clinton’s record. See what reporters and pundits were saying about the veracity of his remarks during Trump’s speech today:

Orlando Attacker

Jenna Johnson @wpjenna: In terror speech, Donald Trump made it sound like the Orlando shooter was born in Afghanistan. He was born in New York.

((Spencer Ackerman))‏ @attackerman: Like Trump, the Orlando killer is from Queens.

Matt Viser @mviser: Donald Trump says the Orlando killer was “born in Afghan.” Not only is that not a country, but he was born in New York

Matt Viser @mviser: Trump’s prepared remarks were correct. When he ad-libbed he incorrectly said killer was born in “Afghan.”

Mark Murray @mmurraypolitics:
Trump is making Orlando about immigration and Muslim ban in his speech right now. But the shooter was a U.S. citizen born in United States

Trip Gabriel @tripgabriel:
Trump statement the shooter was ‘born an Afghan’ even though he was born in US recalls Curiel ‘Mexican’ comment & even his Obama birtherism

Syrian Refugees

Josh Rogin @joshrogin:
Trump is 100% wrong to say Hillary wants to “hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East with no system to vet them.”

Jamelle Bouie @jbouie: Yep, Trump’s claim is a complete falsehood.

Benjy Sarlin @BenjySarlin: Both the number and the vetting claim is completely wrong

Norman Ornstein @NormOrnstein: Trump just makes things up. The numbers, the lack of any screening.

John Fritze @jfritze: Trump describes “tremendous flow” of Syrian refugees into U.S. The # of Syrians admitted into U.S. in FY16 =  2,805.

Karen Tumulty @ktumulty:
Trump says tremendous flow of Syrian refugees to US. Only about 1,300, compared to estimated half-million from all over who overstay visas.

Rick Wilson @TheRickWilson: 2,647 as of January

Ben Jacobs @Bencjacobs: Trump: we have to stop tremendous flow of Syrian refugees into the United States

Sam Frizell @Sam_Frizell: Fact check: False

Elizabeth Landers @ElizLanders: .@realDonaldTrump: “Under Clinton plan, you’d be admitting hundreds of thousands of refugees from Middle East,” w/ no system to screen them

Tom Wright ‏@thomaswright08: Trump in September 2015: Syria crisis “so horrible” that US should accept some Syrian refugees


Josh Rogin @joshrogin: Trump wrong again: NATO has been engaged in the fight against terrorism for many years, including in Afghanistan.

San Bernardino

adam nagourney @adamnagourney: Fact checking Trump on San Bernardino: there is no evidence of people knowing what was going on with the shooters and keeping silent.


Glenn Kessler ‏@GlennKesslerWP: Trump wanted to topple Gaddafi too.

James Hohmann @jameshohmann: Trump refers to “Hillary’s war in Libya…”

Sopan Deb @SopanDeb: Trump criticizing the Libyan intervention (again) that he supported.

Kevin M. Kruse @KevinMKruse: Trump again claims he didn’t support the Libyan intervention. That’s a lie.

Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Prevent Gun Violence

Michael Barbaro @mikiebarb: Fact check: Hillary Clinton has not called for “abolishing the Second Amendment” as Trump just said.

David Corn @DavidCornDC: Trump says HRC wants to ban guns and take all guns away from all law-abiding citizens. Fact-check, anyone?

LGBT Equality

Jose A. DelReal @jdelreal: It’s necessary to point out that Trump does not support marriage equality for gay men and women; Clinton does.