Representative Jan Schakowsky Statement on Orlando Nightclub Shooting

CHICAGO –(ENEWSPF)–June 13, 2016.  Representative Jan Schakowsky issued the following statement in response to last night’s shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida:

“The lives of at least fifty brothers, daughters, sons, parents, and children were taken senselessly and suddenly today. It is difficult to find words to describe the grief and shock that I share with Americans across the country who watch and wait for more news coming out of Orlando. I stand in solidarity with the victims of last night’s horrible attack, their loved ones, and the LGBT community.

“Although at this early stage we are still waiting for details to emerge from the scene, we do know that this attack was motivated by hatred and a lack of empathy and understanding. It is crucial that we as a society come together to eradicate the barriers of discrimination that divide us and spur tragedies like the one we have witnessed today. Our culture must be purged of the kind of discourse and behavior that feeds off of division, and instead work to become the inclusive and diverse society that is inherent in the American promise.

“This by no means is to say that a change in hearts and minds is all that we need to end the scourge of mass shootings and large-scale attacks. Pragmatic legislative solutions are required. Sensible gun safety measures are long overdue. Their presence may not eradicate violence and lawlessness in our country, but it can certainly make it more difficult for the individuals who would carry out these acts to do so. Additionally, since certain reports indicate that this attack may have been motivated by the actions of the Islamic State, we must continue our efforts to combat global terrorism abroad and at home.”