Reaction to Hillary Clinton’s Plan to Combat Drug and Alcohol Abuse

NEW YORK—(ENEWSPF)—September 3, 2015. Hillary Clinton announced her Initiative to Combat America’s Deadly Epidemic of Drug and Alcohol Addiction yesterday. You can read her op-ed and check out the full factsheet for Clinton’s comprehensive plan HERE.

See below for some reaction…

Tim Kaine — Senator from Virginia and Former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee

“Across Virginia, prescription drug and heroin abuse is hurting families and posing significant public health challenges for our communities. I’ve heard from parents, health professionals, local law enforcement and employers about the many facets of this crisis – from limited access to the lifesaving drug naloxone to the over-prescription of dangerous opioids and the shortage of workers who can pass a drug test. I’m grateful Secretary Clinton has made combating drug abuse a central focus of her campaign and her initiative to fight drug addiction would make a difference in communities in Virginia and across the nation. Secretary Clinton recognizes that drug addiction isn’t just a criminal justice issue; it’s a chronic disease, and it’s time to start treating it as a public health challenge. I’m heartened that her initiative will empower the countless local leaders who are fighting this crisis through education, drug courts, and treatment programs by giving them the resources they need to combat this epidemic.”

Sheldon Whitehouse — Senator from Rhode Island

“I agree w/ @HillaryClinton: addiction is a disease, not a moral failing. That’s why I was so excited to see her release a plan today to support those in recovery and to prevent tragic overdose deaths. Her plan reflects many of the same priorities contained in my Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, which has gained bipartisan support in the Senate. The time is right for action.”

Joe Manchin — Senator from West Virginia

“‎Prescription drug abuse is crushing families, businesses and entire communities across America. I am tremendously pleased that Secretary Clinton has decided to make this growing problem a focal point of her campaign. With tens of thousands of our citizens dying each year from prescription drug overdose, this is not a partisan issue. It is an American issue and one that should be at the nation’s forefront. I commend her for leading on this issue and bringing it to the national level.”

Tim Walz — Congressman from Minnesota’s 1st District

“Addressing the national epidemic of drug addiction is critical. Hillary Clinton has the vision and courage to put forward an aggressive plan to do just that. Addiction affects everyone and touches all of our families. I have been working for years on opioid addiction among veterans. America needs Secretary Clinton’s leadership to tackle this issue.” 

Gene Green — Congressman from Texas 29th District

“Congress has expanded mental health and substance abuse treatment and is considering additional legislation. The expansion Sec. Clinton suggests advances our effort to treat substance abuse as an illness.”

Maura Healey — Attorney General of Massachusetts

“Hillary Clinton is seeing and hearing the painful impact of this ongoing opiate and prescription drug crisis as she goes around the country, just as we’ve seen in communities across Massachusetts. It’s great that she has made this a priority in her campaign and put forward this thoughtful and aggressive plan. By focusing on prevention, treatment, getting first responders the life-saving drugs they need and common sense criminal justice reform, Hillary’s plan will build on the work being done in states like ours and she’ll be a great partner to everyone on the front lines of this crisis.”

Kay Floyd — State Senator from Oklahoma

“Throughout our great State, drug and alcohol addictions affects too many Oklahomans and tears their families apart. Hillary Clinton’s bold proposal to combat this epidemic is a comprehensive approach that proves she understands the importance of outlining and implementing support services that will enable the recovery of Oklahomans.”

Linda Langston — Supervisor from Linn County, Iowa

“Drug and alcohol addiction is a creeping and growing menace in our cities and our small towns. Hillary Clinton is not only listening to Iowans who brought this issues to her attention, she is putting forward a plan to tackle this issue head on. Hillary Clinton’s plan is ambitious and puts the focus on treating substance abuse and supporting those in recovery. This is not a problem that appeared overnight and it’s not one we can solve overnight but we do need to solve it. I’m proud to be supporting Hillary Clinton because she understands the urgency of the problem and will do something about it.”

Angela Connolly — Supervisor from Polk County, Iowa

​​“When Hillary Clinton says she’ll tackle an issue, she follows through. When it comes to drug and alcohol addiction we need a fighter and I believe Hillary is that person. Her plan is comprehensive and will help state and local leaders put into place effective, evidence-based, and locally-tailored prevention programs to ensure that people suffering from addiction get the ongoing treatment and recovery they need. There are not any shortcuts to reducing the number of Iowans struggling with addiction. It will take hard work, determination and a leader willing to tackle this issue. Hillary Clinton is that leader.”

Jennifer Herrington — Mental Health Social Worker, Iowa

“Addiction is a disease and it’s important we treat it as such. Hillary Clinton’s comprehensive Initiative to End America’s Deadly Epidemic of Drug and Alcohol Addiction doesn’t just address prevention and recovery. It takes a holistic approach to fighting this epidemic, ensuring that our first responders have the tools they need to respond to overdoses so they can save lives and our prescribers have the information and training they need to responsibly manage their patients’ pain. Finally, Hillary Clinton is committed to ending the era of mass incarceration and prioritizing treatment over prison for nonviolent drug and alcohol offenders. We need to do more and we need to do better. Hillary Clinton is the candidate with a plan to make sure we do both.”

Harold Mitchell — State Representative and South Carolina Department of Mental Health

“Unfortunately, too many suffering from addiction do not have the access they need to support programs, so we must come together to focus on education, treatment and rehabilitation. The South Carolina Department of Mental Health has seen the largest budget cuts in the nation, which is why we must make serious investments to build out treatment infrastructure to combat this epidemic.”

Samuetta Marshall — Coroner from Orangeburg County, South Carolina

“In recent years, our state has seen a dramatic increase in deaths from prescription drugs. Addiction is a disease that tears apart our communities, and to combat this epidemic, we need a wide range of community partners working together. Hillary Clinton understands this crisis and would smart invest in prevention, treatment, and the healthcare community while making necessary reforms to our criminal justice system.”

Sheila Leslie — Former State Senator from Nevada

“I have dedicated my career to improving access to substance abuse treatment and prevention programs in Nevada, but our state has consistently come up short in helping those struggling with addiction because we lack the funding to truly tackle this enormous problem. Hillary Clinton’s plan to battle our deadly epidemic of drug and alcohol addiction includes concrete federal investments that will improve access to care for Nevadans who are often forgotten, ignored, or considered someone else’s problem. Better school and community-based prevention programs, increased funding to immediately expand in- and out-patient care options, and improved prescriber practices in Medicare and the Veterans Administration are components of her plan that would strengthen our resources in Nevada.”


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