NEW VIDEO: Ahead of Scotland Trip, Great Britain Tees Off on Trump

NEW YORK–(ENEWSPF)–June 23, 2016.  In preparation for the long flight overseas, Hillary for America is releasing a new web video today for in-flight viewing as Scotland prepares for the return of Trump. His trip to highlight his extensive foreign policy experience building failing golf courses and angering some of our closest allies is already off to a rough start.

Trump is not going to Scotland to hold high-level meetings, and maybe that’s for the best as leaders in Great Britain have dubbed his comments “deeply, deeply offensive,” “ignorant,” and “poisonous.” Instead, he will travel from one golf course to another.

But he shouldn’t expect a warm welcome on the links either, given he failed to create anywhere near the number of jobs he promised.

Huffington Post: “Among other things, the Scottish people retain the memory of Trump promising that his resorts would provide a vital economic boost and create some 6,000 permanent jobs. Trump fell about 5,850 jobs short of his projection.”

Instead, he’ll be greeted by leaders who are deeply troubled by his comments about Mexicans and his proposed Muslim ban…

Fortune: “More recently, the British parliament condemned Trump’s comments on Muslims and Mexicans and came close to banning him from visiting the country for any purpose. British police officials, Jewish leaders, and politicians from both the labor and Conservative parties have condemned his remarks about Muslims. Few have ever united the United Kingdom like Donald Trump.”

Politico: “The businessman, who arrived here in 2006 to great fanfare and considerable political support, has since become a national bogeyman, his candidacy rattling Scots to the point that the country’s leaders now openly worry about the damage a Trump presidency could inflict on the United Kingdom’s most important alliance.”

…and local Scots he antagonized while developing his course.

TIME: “Donald Trump will be greeted by at least two Mexican flags, placed near his Aberdeenshire golf course in Scotland, when he visits the country later this week. It’s a symbolic reminder of those he’s offended locally and internationally and a sign that the presumptive Republican U.S. presidential nominee should not expect a warm welcome after years-long contention surrounding the links, locals say.”

Including one Scotsman, whose property Trump built a fence around and whom Trump then billed for the construction. Sound familiar?

Washington Post: “During a dispute over property lines, workers ripped out a fence near the home of David and Moira Milne, who live in a converted coast-guard station on a hill above the golf course. The Trump workers installed their own fence — and then sent the Milnes a bill for it. ‘It ain’t getting paid. I’m never paying it,’ said David Milne, an energy consultant who chuckles at the thought of Trump trying to get Mexico to pay for a massive border wall when he couldn’t collect on the bill for a slatted wood fence no more than five feet tall.”

It is possible that Donald Trump is losing millions of dollars on his golf projects…

Reuters: “Reuters examination of them shows that Trump has likely lost millions of dollars on his golf projects. The analysis shows high costs and modest current valuations. Using conservative estimates of the amount Trump has spent, he may be breaking even or making modest gains; on higher estimates – based on what Trump has said he is spending – he’s losing money.”

…but it’s not clear, as Trump still refuses to release his taxes.

Vanity Fair: “Why won’t Donald Trump release his taxes? An investigation into the G.O.P. candidate’s finances—the extensive deductions he could claim, the F.E.C. filings from his Scottish and Irish golf resorts, and his declarations to the British government—reveals a disturbing pattern of mistakes, hype, and contradictions.”

Oh. And he’s visiting in the middle of the Brexit vote. His positions range from “Huh?” to “I don’t think anybody should listen to me.”

New York Times:  “Showing up right after the Brexit vote, in the middle of a tumultuous time, is leaving Mr. Trump especially vulnerable to criticism, as well as creating the potential for an international blunder. When asked about the vote in an interview this month with The Hollywood Reporter, Mr. Trump seemed not to be familiar with Britain’s referendum, first answering, ‘Huh?’ and then, ‘Hmm.’ Finally, after the Brexit vote was explained to him, Mr. Trump answered with his trademark decisiveness: ‘Oh yeah, I think they should leave,’ he said, a sentiment he has since repeated. On Wednesday morning, however, Mr. Trump told Fox Business that his opinion on the issue was not significant since he had not followed it closely.”