New Testimonial Video: When Trump Wins, the Little Guy Loses

CALIFORNIA–(ENEWSPF)–July 7, 2016.  On the night of the California primary, in the clubhouse of the Trump National Golf Club Westchester, Donald Trump touted his less-than-stellar business record and claimed he would “make it very, very good” for small business in America.

Architect Andrew Tesoro designed that clubhouse. Trump loved it. But when Tesoro sent Trump a bill for his work, he replied through his lawyers: Accept pennies on the dollar or I’ll tie you up in court for years.

In a new video released by Hillary for America, Tesoro says he was humiliated by Trump and felt he had no choice but to accept a low-ball payment for his work. Trump almost put him out of business. He made nothing for years, maxed out his credit lines, and dipped into his son’s college savings to survive.

Tesoro is one among many Trump has targeted, and Hillary for America is updating the to outline Trump’s step-by-step guide to getting rich on the backs of those don’t have the resources to fight him. Call this the “Trump Discount.”

Trump’s “master grifter” strategy has sunk small businesses and hurt working families. Forcing those who cannot match him in court to either sue or settle for less than they deserve, Trump has shown again and again that for him, winning means the little guy loses.

WEBSITE: The “Trump Discount”

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