Just Paid My Latest Comcast Bill (No TV), And I Still Think I Pay Too Much

By Gary Kopycinski

Last month, I had a reactivation fee from Comcast, because I unwittingly thought I had signed up for automagic payments.

I had, but then canceled them.

So deduct $5.00 from these figures.

My Comcast bill this month is $72.22.

I do not have cable TV. I only have XFINITY Internet and ROKU.

In short, aside from the digital TV in my kitchen (which does not get channel 2 in Chicago), I see no live television at all. I see my favorite shows via ROKU, which shows me my Hulu shows and any movies I can watch via Netflix (No, I did not leave Netflix when they stupidly began to charge the world for more than they should have.).

So, my Internet bill is $72.22 per month (minus whatever that $5.00 reactivation fee is with all the taxes).

That includes no television.

What do you pay for Internet and/or television? I still think I pay too much.