In Case You Missed It: Trump Convention Speaker Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Says ‘Legitimate Issues Raised’ with Trump Candidacy

WISCONSIN–(ENEWSPF)–July 5, 2016.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced today he will be speaking at Donald Trump’s Republican convention in a few short weeks. Yes, that same Scott Walker who said mere days ago that delegates should vote their conscience when it comes to Trump will now speak at Trump’s event. Donald Trump has spent years spouting hateful rhetoric and dangerous policies that will do serious harm to working families and put America’s security at risk. Walker acknowledged as much in his announcement today, admitting that “there have been legitimate issues raised and concerns” expressed about Trump’s candidacy. Ouch.

Here are a few of our favorite things Scott Walker has said about Donald Trump:

Associated Press: Walker Says Delegates Should Vote Their Conscience On Trump
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker said Tuesday he agrees that delegates to the Republican national convention should be free to vote their conscience, even if that means not supporting presumptive nominee Donald Trump. [6/21/16]
Politico: Walker Backs Away From Endorsing Trump
Faced with mounting controversies surrounding his party’s nominee for president, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is backing away from his pledge to support Donald Trump. [6/8/16]
Wednesday during CNN’s Republican presidential debate, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) and his opponent, Donald Trump, got into a heated exchange in which Walker highlighted Trump’s political inexperience. Walker said, ‘Mr. Trump, we don’t need an apprentice in the White House…We don’t know who you are, where you’re going. We need someone that can actually get the job done.’ [9/16/15]

Daily Caller: Scott Walker Says He’s Dropping Out To Help Unify Anti-Trump Vote
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker announced Monday evening he is dropping out of the Republican race for the White House, saying he is doing so to help ‘clear the field’ so a conservative reformer with a positive vision can defeat Donald Trump. [9/21/15]

Fox 6: “I’m frustrated; it’s just wrong:” Walker, Ryan slam Trump for comments against federal judge
After Trump lashed out at a federal judge — calling him a Mexican when he was born in Indiana, Walker expressed concern. “I`m frustrated right now. It`s just wrong. I don`t think it has any place in American society today,” Walker said. [6/8/16]

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Scott Walker, GOP rivals rip Donald Trump for questioning John McCain’s heroisim
Gov. Scott Walker and other Republican presidential hopefuls have finally had it with Donald Trump….‘We’re blessed to have some really outstanding Republicans running for president of the United States, and I’m honored to be one of them. And so you will not hear me speak ill of any of them. I made one exception today,’ Walker told the crowd. ‘The exception I made is when someone goes personal and attacks an American hero. You may agree or disagree with some of his politics, but John McCain is an American hero and I will defend him and any other veteran who’s been a prisoner of war.’ [7/8/15]

NBC News: Scott Walker: Donald Trump ‘Needs To Apologize’ For McCain Comments
Walker had a message for Trump and the real-estate mogul’s supporters. ‘At a minimum, he needs to apologize,’ Walker said. ‘I think more people need to push him. Not just candidates or elected officials, I think more people across America including some of those who, maybe up until now, have been supporters of him.’ [7/20/15]
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