From the UAW: ‘Let Detroit go bankrupt.’ That was Mitt Romney in 2008.

Not so fast, Mitt. We’re going to make sure that Michigan remembers who supported President Obama’s successful plan to save America’s auto industry–and who was against it. just released a new TV ad featuring a MoveOn and UAW member, Elisa Gurule, who struggled to find a full-time job prior to President Obama’s auto industry stimulus. It goes right after Romney for turning his back on the American auto industry and Michiganders. In the ad, Elisa Gurule, who now works at Chrysler just like her grandfather did for 42 years, says, "We need a president who’ll stand by us all when times are tough. Mitt Romney? He will let America fail." just posted the ad online, and it’s now on television in Michigan. We need to make sure as many people see this as possible before they head to the polls.

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