Evangelical Responds to Trump’s Private Meeting with Evangelicals, Endorses Clinton

“Mr. Trump’s proposals are not just un-Christian – they’re un-American”

Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–June 21, 2016.  Evangelical leader Deborah Fikes, who has served as an Executive Advisor to the World Evangelical Association, released the following statement in response to Donald Trump’s private meeting today with nearly a thousand evangelical leaders.  Fikes also announced her endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

“There is a troubling trend underway in America today.  Donald Trump – a major party’s presumptive presidential nominee – has used even more disturbing language to mock women, Latinos, and people with disabilities. He has repeatedly called for a ban on Muslims entering our country.  And he has promised to surveil Muslim neighborhoods in cities and suburbs across the United States. As an evangelical Christian, it troubles me deeply to see abuse of the vulnerable and intolerance toward religious minorities on the rise.

“Mr. Trump’s proposals are not just un-Christian – they’re un-American and at odds with the values our country holds dearest.  As someone who has fought hard to counter China’s recent persecution of Christian minorities, I worry that allowing religious and ethnic intolerance here in America will undermine our ability to have a prayer of fighting it around the world.  When candidates like Mr. Trump start sounding eerily similar to some of the worst global offenders, it’s time for some serious soul searching.

“In my personal capacity of working with over 130 National Evangelical Alliances around the globe, ‘Sister Hillary’ as she is often called, is embraced by many Evangelical sister churches as a trustworthy and respected political leader because she lives the Golden Rule in her private life and in her public policies.  Hillary Clinton is the leader who people of faith are looking for and we are praying that Sister Hillary and not Mr. Trump will be elected in November.”