Daily Show Slams Detroit’s Water Shutoffs

Episode mocks water shutoff policy and hypocrisy of no “free water” for poor while corporations and golf courses flow freely

DETROIT —(ENEWSPF)—November 18, 2014.  The Daily Show with Jon Stewart took a shot at Detroit’s aggressive water shutoff program Monday night with a segment featuring Nolan Finley, conservative Detroit News columnist, and the Detroit Water Brigade.

The segment, narrated by the Daily Show’s Jessica Williams, poked fun at the hypocrisy of some news media outlets claiming Detroiters want free water when, in fact, large corporations and golf courses continue to operate with large water bill delinquencies.

“The biggest issue here is respect,” Detroit Water Brigade spokeswoman AtPeace Makita said on the show.

“Yeah, exactly,” Williams replies. “It’s like the city is bending over backwards to give you the best golf courses and ice hockey stadiums, and you can’t even say ‘Thank you.'”

Watch the full episode online here.

The Detroit Water Brigade is a volunteer-led alliance of compassionate citizens of Detroit and their international allies working to bring emergency relief to families facing water shut offs while advocating for an income-based Water Affordability Plan in Detroit. Learn more at


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